Advanced Financials Key Reports QRG

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Last Update by IFM: November 2018

Contained in this reference guide:
Key Advanced Financials Reports
  1. Standard Advanced Financial Reports

1. Standard Advanced Financial Reports

Use the Financial reports to determine:

  • Amortization Forecast
  • Deferred/Capitalized Expense
  • Deferred Expense Waterfall
  • Deferred Expense Rollforward

Use the Budget reports to determine:

  • Budget Overview
  • Budget vs. Actual

What role can do that? **Bookkeeper, **Accountant, **Finance Leader

Depending on what type of reports you are viewing


1.1 Navigate to Reports > Financial, or  Reports > Banking/Budgeting
1.2 Select from one of the reports as listed in the Information section.
1.3 Reports may be viewed by: 
  • Summary
  • Detail
1.4 Select the footer options.
NOTE: Each report’s results include footer options that may be updated to change the report’s data and formatting. Example of footer options: Date, Column.

1.5 Click .