Viewing Your Account Balances

  • Usage of the dashboard for your account balance
  • Where to find your account balance
  • Viewing your balance


  1. To begin, we are currently on our Home Page. Now let’s find our account balance. Unfortunately, you will have to have previously filled out an expense report to be able to view your balance. If you have not done one, and have some expenses, click Enter expense Report. If you need help, head over to review the expense report tutorial. So now that we have created expense reports, lets find our account balance. On the home page go to the Expense Report Portlet. You should be able to see previous reports that you have submitted. If you would like to view your current balance, click the reference number of the most recent expense report.

  2. Let’s head over to the section on your expense report called Classification. Underneath the area titled “staff RC Balance”  You will see a spot where you will find your current RC Balance.. Remember this RC balance is only for the role in which you are currently signed in under. If you would like to see the balance for a ministry, you will need to change your role.

  3. You have successfully viewed your balance!