Approve and Reject Expenses/Advances

You will Learn how to Approve and Reject Expenses/Advances:

  1. You will use this video if you are in charge of approving the expense reports of others. Let's begin. There are two ways you can approve an expense report, let's navigate to the reminders portlet. Let's set up your Reminders. Click set up. 

  2. This will give you a list of actions that could automatically be reminded for you. For our purposes, let's click "Expense reports pending my approval." Drag and drop where it says "headline." Now scroll to the bottom and click the box that says "Show reminders with zero results." Click Save.

  3. We are back at our home page and you will see that I have 2 expenses to be approved. Click Expense reports pending my approval.

  4. We are now at the list of expenses I have to approve. Let's click view on the first expense by Solomon Staff for prayer letter expenses.
  5. Now we are at his expense, where I will review it. I notice that this is an advance and I have the option to either approve or reject this advance! I approve this advance and will click Approve.
  6. You may notice that the expense still says pending approval. Solomons advance will go through once the accountant has also approved this. Let's head back to our dashboard by clicking the home button.
  7. For those that will have many things to approve, here is the 2nd way to approve or reject expenses. Navigate your way to the portlet titled Home Links. There are six topics that are covered. Navigate your way to Custom. Now Click the + sign next to the word Custom. This will expand this section to reveal Bulk Approval and Employee Delegation. To make your approvals click bulk approval.
  8. You are now prompted to choose from the drop-down menu in Action. Click the appropriate action you'd like to do. Because we've already approved Solomons expense, Let's click Reject. If you wanted to approve, you'd click approve.
  9. Under the title List you will now see a list of expense reports awaiting your approval or rejection. In order to fulfill a rejection, you must write a reason for your rejection to this expense. For this rejection, we will write that we need more description for the ministry purpose.To reject all, you can click " Mark All" or to choose the approvals you want to reject, click the boxes underneath "select."  Once you've chosen the expenses to reject, click submit.
  10. Your rejection has been successful and An email message is sent to the employee who submitted the expense reports. You have successfully approved or rejected an expense and advance reports.