Creating and Submitting Expenses

You will learn to:

  • Expense Reporting (reimbursements): Creating an expense report, Submitting the expense report, Viewing where the report went in your dashboard, Save and return to it,  Deleting a report

BEGIN: (already start with Netsuite open to the dashboard) “Let’s start on the Netsuite Home page.”

  1. To Start an expense report, navigate to your Expense Reports portlet. Note that, you can only use one Responsibility Center, or RC, per expense report. So you can have an expense report of multiple expenses from your Staff RC, however, you must create a separate expense report from your ministry RC. Click Enter Expense Reports.

  2. Netsuite will automatically insert today’s date as the date of this expense report. You can change the date if necessary. If applicable, in the advance to apply field, enter an advance that should be applied to any reimbursement for these expenses. For example, if you have previously requested an advance, the amount of that advance will show up in this field. You may modify this amount to reflect only the advance that you are clearing for this particular expense report. In the purpose field, enter the general purpose of this group of expenses. You will see a summary of your expenses to the right.

  3. Now, let's scroll down to Classification and find the field “expense Report Type” from the drop-down menu, select Advance, ministry expense or a staff expense. If you selected Staff Expense above, please choose your Staff RC. If you selected Ministry Expense, please choose the ministry RC that will be charged in this expense report. If you selected Advance, you may choose either your Staff RC or a Ministry RC.

  4. Let's keep moving through the expense report and scroll down to the “expenses” subtab. You will want to make sure you enter each expense as a separate item. (to be said all in one shot in one video below) Check or clear the Use multi-currency box. You would leave this box checked if you are using more than one currency to make the reimbursement. Your reference number will automatically be populated. Each new line item will use the next successive number. These reference numbers will be helpful when referencing receipts and individual expenses by your finance team. Let’s say we are going to enter a reimbursement for a thank you gift we purchased for our ministry partners. In the Date column, enter the date the expense was incurred. If you do not enter a date, Netsuite will automatically enter today’s date. 

  5. Now let's select an expense category from the drop-down list. We will select “Gifts” for our ministry partners. Enter the Amount in the amount column. In the Description column, you will want to enter a memo about your expense. For example, "Ministry Partner gift." 

    For items which require receipts, click the "+" button next to the ATTACH RECEIPT field. From there click “Choose File” and locate the receipt from your computer. Once your file is selected, click “Open”, which will return you to the pop-up window and display the file you selected. Lastly, press the “Ok” button to return to the expense report page. The receipt should now be attached and the “Receipt” column in the expense should now display as “Yes". For expense reports with multiple items, add no more than 25 lines with receipts and then click the blue Save button. You can continue adding more receipt attachments for a total maximum of 60 lines.

    As we move to the right, you will notice that when we look at CPR designation, the field has been populated for you. Now let's click Add, to add this expense to your report. You may continue to add expenses to this report by repeating the process. Now let's say that we have more expenses we want to add but we want to do it later. Click Save. You must make sure all options needed to save are filled out. If not, you will get a notice and cannot save it.Once you have saved your expense report, you should see a green Confirmation bar at the top of your report. If you are done and are ready to submit it for approval, you must click submit at the top. To view where your expense has gone, let's click the home button.

  1. Locate your Expense Reports portlet to find your saved report. To view this report, click on the reference Number of the report you've saved. To edit this report, click Edit. You can now add more expenses or fix any information. Now click save again. You will now see a green Confirmation Bar at the top. To view your submitted expense report, head back to your dashboard by clicking the Home Button. Let's look at the expense reports portlet. Here you will be able to see the 5 most recently saved reports. To view the status of other reports click, View Expense Reports. 

  2. You will see your past and current expense reports as well as the status. Under status you will see 4 options: Pending approval, Rejected by Supervisor, Approved by Supervisor, and Paid in full. To see a specific report, click view.

  3. If your expense report is rejected: you will receive an email and an explanation from your approver. To edit this, click on the link "view Record" in your email to edit and you will find your rejected expense on your portlet. Edit your expense and don't forget to click submit!

  4. Remember, you cannot make any changes to or delete expense reports that you have submitted. If needed, contact your approver or supervisor, and have them reject the report.
  5. Congrats! You learned how to Create, submit, view, save and return, and delete an expense report!